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Company ALDON - Wiesław Kokosiński

I’d like to introduce to you ALDON Company. I established it in 2011.

“ALDON” is a manufacturing and trading company dealing with making deliveries of metallurgical and metal products, and in particular die forgings and open-die forgings.

We have over 30 years experience in the forgings industry (particularly die forgings) gained in various positions at Production Plants and Trading Companies, from manufacturing service staff through technology and design office to management of the company. The knowledge acquired through these years about the products offered by my company, their manufacturers’ market, my extensive contacts and cooperation bonds with Forging Plants in Poland, the EU, and Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) warrant you reliable and credible information, assistance in solving even the most difficult forging-related construction issues, and competitive offers.

In taking advantage of our contacts we can offer other metallurgical products, such as: rods, rolled billets, drawn rods and grey cast iron castings.

“ALDON” is a dynamically growing company concentrated on development of its potential and manufacturing base. In our activity, we are guided by caring for the quality of both the product being sold, and all our actions to ensure professional service and full information.

Aldon is a young company, but from the outset of our activity we have been operating based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and the principles of diligence, credibility and reliability.

We participate in the Programme “RELIABLE COMPANY” conducted by Krajowy Rejestr Długów Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA.

At our company, we have introduced a QUALITY POLICY whose pillars are the following: corporate mission, and operation objectives.

The Policy’s main assumptions include working toward developing the best position on the market of suppliers of forgings and other goods offered by Aldon by making sure every client is treated seriously and reliably, their expectations and needs are identified and satisfied, offers are mutually profitable, and cooperation is carried out reliably and with a sense of security and confidence.

Currently, we are preparing for certification of our quality management system in accordance with the above mentioned standard.

Currently, we are preparing for certification of our quality management system in accordance with the above mentioned standard.
We hope for your confidence and cooperation.

Wiesław Kokosiński - Owner

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ALDON Wiesław Kokosiński

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Tel. (48-15) 842 54 35
(48) 666 042 544


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ALDON Sales office

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