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Open-die forgings

We offer the following forgings:

  • in various shapes (cubes ad plates, round and square bars, flat bars, discs, rings, sleeves, and forged shapes, including connecting rods),
  • in various steel grades (constructional, carbon, alloy and high-alloy – stainless),
  • with different heat-treatment,
  • within maximum dimensions and weights:
    - external diameter up to 2.5 m,
    - length up to 7 m,
    - weight up to 14,000 kg.

We stipulate that the above mentioned limiting parameters are provided for information purposes only, and they may be different in specific forging shapes and dimensions.

Any offered forgings can be delivered in raw or mechanically processed form (both roughing and finishing), and welded and assembled as requested, and in accordance with the client’s documentation.

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Tel. (48-15) 842 54 35
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